One of the greatest overlooked treasures of our time has to be abandoned mini storage units.  When a storage unit renter fails to make payment on their unit.  The contents are sold at public auction.  When you bid, you bid on the contents of the entire unit although you will only have a chance to see the unit from the front.  Sometimes these can be BIG winners stuffed full of power tools, expensive clothing, furniture, collectibles, antiques, etc. 

Many people make a living from buying storage units and then selling the contents on ebay.  If you want to check out a great article about the business of storage unit auctions

Chicago Storage Unit Auctions

Storage Unit Auctions In Chicago

Certainly there is some degree of risk involved with purchasing these units, but if you set your limits ahead of time and don't get caught up in the action, you are more likely to come out ahead.

Learn to be observant.  Check out labels on boxes if they are readable.  Steer clear of units full of boxes labeled "Tax Documents" and other red flags that would indicate the unit is full of nothing but piles of useless paperwork. 

If you see a storage unit that has boxes labeled "Tools" or "Kitchen" or "Winter Clothes", you know you are on the right track.  Tools, small appliances, and nice coats are all things which are easy to sell. 

Everyone gets excited about different items, so look for units that contain something interesting to you.
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